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The Bakudanjin limited demo is available right here:
Current version is: 1.01

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Register Bakudanjin for only $15 and recieve over 40 single and multiplayer maps, plus access to the level editor for custom level design! Registration Page

Map Library
Check out our Map Library for levels and add-ons!

Bakudanjin 1.03 Update

1/1: Bakudanjin 1.03 is now available. A new demo is available, and registered users may download the new version. This version (finally) fixes a crash bug that affected some machines when a second game is started, and includes general stability and performance improvements.

Bakudanjin 1.02 Update

3/13: Bakudanjin 1.02 is now available for registered users. Update fixes 68k version of Bakudanjin. No changes to the demo were necessary.

Bakudanjin 1.01 Update

10/29: Bakudanjin 1.01 is now available. Update fixes some minor bugs.

Bakudanjin 1.0 Released!

DreamDawn Interactive announces Bakudanjin 1.0, a new single or multi-player game for the Macintosh. Check out the cool Press Release.

What is Bakudanjin?

Pronounced Bah-koo-dawn-geen, Bakudanjin is a fast paced action/puzzle arcade game for Macintosh and PowerMac. With a built-in level editor, three playable characters, four seperate worlds, four different types of two player games, end level bosses, and an array of enemies and powerups, Bakudanjin is a steal for just $15.
Features include:
  • Over 40 one or two playable levels, including 15 special head-to-head levels.
  • Two player games include cooperative, death match, capture the flag, and steal the ball.
  • Fully featured map editor supporting user-created maps and even custom graphics!
  • An online forum for exchanging maps and levels! (see the Custom Map Library)
  • Four seperate worlds including Egypt World, Forest World, Ice World, and Hell World.
  • Three playable characters, four level bosses, and a plentora of enemies!
  • Nine special powerups including special Grenade, Remote Control, and Bowling Bombs!
  • Full Japanese support!


Bakudanjin's features include a comprehensive map editor, providing control over level layout, enemy intellegence, game type, time limit, and graphics set. The map editor even supports custom graphics, so players can make their own tiles and use them in their maps!
Bakudanjin also has Japanese support, runs on 68k and PowerMacintosh computers, and comes with over 40 unique levels!
A limited demo is available for download at our download page.


  • Bakudanjin runs great on iMacs!
  • 25Mhz or greater 68040 Macintosh or any Power Macintosh
  • System 7.1 or later
  • Approx. 4mb of free RAM
  • 4mb of disk space
  • 640x480 viewing resolution (14" Monitor)
  • 256 Color support
  • Bakudanjin is System 8/9 friendly and 88.9% Carbon compatable.

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