What is Japanese Teacher?
Japanese Teacher is a study utility for students of Japanese. The student enters words into a dictionary file using Japanese Teachers easy-to-use Romanji-To-Kana system and Japanese Teacher provides several study tools. Japanese system software such as KanjiTalk is NOT REQUIRED. Japanese Teacher internally handles Hiragana and Katakana alphabets, and has limited Kanji features. Included with Japanese Teacher are several study tools including flash cards, a quiz, and a memory game.
Japanese Teacher was written by a student of Japanese for students of Japanese, and is easy to use, powerful, and effective. It is also a quick download (about 500k decompressed) and will run on any relatively new Macintosh machine. Features of Japanese Teacher are:
NOTE:Japanese Teacher 2 is UNSUPPORTED SOFTWARE! It is no longer being maintained and is provided as-is. Please read the included Read Me file for more information.

Japanese Teacher won 1st Prize at the Oregon Institute of Technology's Tech Challenge '97 Contest in the Computer Software Category.

You can read about Japanese Teacher in issue 7.1 (June 1997) of the Japanese Macintosh magazine, Mac Fan on page 82.

Japanese Teacher requires:

Screen Shots
  1. The Japanese Teacher main window
  2. The Edit Word dialog
  3. The Edit Japanese dialog
  4. The Flashcard setup dialog
  5. The Quiz game
  6. The Kanji setup dialog


Download JapaneseTeacher2.sea.hqx (431k)
Download JapaneseTeacher2.sea.bin (317k)

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